Apollo Digital – $25,000+ From A Single Blog Post


  • The content piece went viral, generating $25,000 revenue in business from a single blog post.
  • 20+ leads, and over 11,000+ in page views over the first month.

Case Study Summary:-

Apollo Digital created and promoted epic content, which went viral and brought in over $25K in revenue (and growing).

  1. Researched a topic that dealt with major pain points for SaaS founders.
  2. Created a super in-depth 14,000+ words blog post full of actionable tips and tactics on SaaS marketing, all based on their unique perspective and experience.
  3. Provided better content UX, used a ton of on-page visual elements, and a Smart Content Filter plugin to make the guide easier to digest.
  4. Promoted on 12 different marketing channels, including Reddit, Hacker News, and Facebook groups
  5. Ran ads on Quora, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

Image Source – Google | Image by Apollodigital
Content Source – Google | Content by Apollodigital