Facebook Ads Case Study: The Million Dollar Indiegogo Campaign


  • Secured pre-orders from over 76 countries, with over 2,000 backers on Indiegogo.
  • Achieved over $900K in funding

Case Study Summary:-

BionicGym wanted to promote their Indiegogo page for an increase in sales and site visits. Here’s how they did this:

  1. Set up one campaign per country ad and set the objective to ‘Conversions’.
  2. Split-tested up to 252 ads and used the auto-optimization feature to relocate funding across the different ads, depending on how they performed.
  3. Set up retargeting campaigns and split tests to everyone who visited the Indiegogo page and watched the Facebook video ad.
  4. Created lookalike audiences for the best-performing audiences.
  5. Reached a 9x ROI for some of the campaigns.

Image Source – Google | Image by Apollodigital
Content Source – Google | Content by Apollodigital